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Your Wealth.
Your Complexities.
Our Solutions.

Hand us the pieces of your financial life, we will give you the solutions.  We love a good puzzle.

Who We Serve

Our team’s expertise comes from staying focused on specific types of clients. Although there are many similarities, each client segment comes with a unique Puzzle Checklist of Solutions. To view your Puzzle Checklist, click on the client below that is most like you.

Corporate Executives

Corporate Executives

You've likely accumulated more assets, but now have less time to focus on them.  In addition, the complexity of those holdings has increased. 


That means you've succeeded.  Congratulations!  Let us take it from here.

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Business Owners

Business Owners

As owners ourselves, we understand what has been sacrificed to build and grow your business. 

Your expertise, your leadership, and your desire to evolve have created your success.  When it comes to your family’s wealth and legacy, that is where Puzzle’s expertise can seek to create  lasting success. 

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Now that you’ve made it to the finish line, your lifestyle and cash-flow have changed. 

It’s not too late to improve both to make your retirement even more fulfilling.

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Running a practice is complex – let us be your professionals when it comes to your family’s wealth and financial legacy.

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The Puzzle Process

Today's financial world presents potentially beneficial opportunities, but some investors may miss them by not aligning with the right professionals. The Puzzle Checklist uniquely positions us to efficiently address YOUR specific needs to help YOU pursue YOUR goals.

Step 1: Your Financial Plan

You’ve made yourself wealthy.  Let us help you keep it that way.  We dig into the weeds to uncover every financial goal that is important to you

From there, we report back with your Probability of Retirement Success using statistical modeling (Monte Carlo) and Stress Testing on an ANNUAL basis.  That is the confidence you need to reduce stress in your life.

Step 2: Portfolio Construction

Your solution to sustained, long-lasting investing results does not live on social media, on business channels, or from the weekend radio hosts. 

Our solutions come from a collaboration of professionals, the latest software, and our advisor’s experience in Private Wealth Management.  Your portfolio will include equities, fixed income, and alternative investments constructed with reward, risk and fees in mind.

Step 3: Align Your Experts

Most investors manage their wealth in silos leaving them to play messenger between each other. 

If you have a trusted CPA and Estate Planning Attorney, we will work closely with them to save you time and stress. 

Alternatively, if you have not built your team yet, we will help you conduct an efficient interview search via Zoom to hire those professionals.

Step 4: Review Insurance Strategies

Whether it is used to reduce estate tax liability or supplement long-term care needs, insurance is an investment that helps save money or avoid catastrophic consequences down the road. 

We will help you stay on top of the latest strategies and implement sound solutions.

Step 5: Tax Efficiency and Giving Strategies

We know you HATE paying taxes.  Our solutions will review tax implications to make sure that tax minimization goals are considered. 

In addition, we will utilize Donor Advised Funds to make sure you can give more to charities AND deduct more from taxes. 

Lastly, gifting money to family members will reduce taxable estates and allow you to see them benefit during your lifetime.

Specific individualized tax advice not provided. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.

Step 6: Quarterly and Annual Review

The majority of individuals tell us that their previous advisor only spoke with them once a year.  That is shameful.


Quarterly, we will review your portfolio and recommend new investments or other strategies to consider.  Annually, we will update your financial plan in January to see what has changed along with how the future looks. 

We will be there to guide you during the good times along with any rough stretches in the market.

Puzzle Is Growing Nationally

Puzzle Is Growing Nationally

Our business was born in the 1990s when a face-to-face meeting required an office visit or jumping on a plane.

In today’s world, our best meetings typically come through video conferences where we can present all our materials while you remain in the comfort of your home or office. You don’t need to plan your entire morning or afternoon around our meetings. You can quite literally finish your morning board meeting or afternoon workout just minutes before our reviews.

With office locations in Illinois, Texas, Colorado and Florida, we are onboarding clients faster than ever from Maine to California to Georgia. With the help of electronic banking and technology, it literally does not matter where you live.

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