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About Ash Brokerage

In today's world, your financial advisor must excel in planning and delivering investment solutions.  Throughout the planning process, various situations may arise where an insurance-based strategy can offer stability during stressful events.  At Puzzle Wealth, we depend on Ash Brokerage as our experts in life insurance, long-term care, disability insurance, and annuities. In this partnership, Ash Brokerage serves as a broker, providing our clients with best-in-class solutions. Their expertise is backed by over 50 years of staying abreast of the latest strategies and solutions through their relationships with insurance carriers.

What is the professional arrangement between Puzzle and Ash?   With insurance, there is typically a commission sharing arrangement between Ash Brokerage and the Puzzle advisor when a policy is issued and/or a trailer is paid an annual basis.  That commission is treated just like our advisory fee in that a portion of the revenue is shared with Gladstone.