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Risk Management

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”- Mike Tyson

A plan is always a good starting point, but life has a way of taking you off course.  A complete financial plan will address contingency planning in all forms.

Insure Your Life

We will use solutions as simple as term life for your working years. 

When it comes to more complex estates, you might want to look at a Universal Life policy to solve a variety of needs.  Insurance can actually help reduce estate taxes, equalize an estate, or provide funding when illiquid assets are involved. 

Insure Your Livelihood

During your working life, your ability to work can be your most valuable asset.  We’ll provide a plan for the unlikely event you’re unable to earn an income, or continue to save for retirement.  

Long-Term Disability Insurance may be a solution we’ll look to implement.

Insure Your Long Term Care Needs

The odds of encountering a long-term medical care need are higher than you think.  How will you and your family address this costly, and stressful contingency?  

Long-term care insurance can address this financial and emotional burden with tax-advantaged, portfolio diversifying strategies.

Our Partnership with Insurance Professionals

Puzzle clients rely on their advisor to help coordinate their financial world and implement sound solutions.  We’re smart enough to know we’re not experts at everything.  Therefore, partnering with Gladstone allows us to help provide solutions for all your insurance needs.  Whether we are reviewing your existing policies or formulating a new strategy from scratch, they are working for you.  

Medicare Plan Evaluation

Are Medicare choices overwhelming? They can be.  At Puzzle, we have resources to evaluate your specific Medicare needs, and instill confidence that your plan is the best one for you.

Portfolio Stress Testing

Your financial plan will be Stress Tested by replicating the Great Recession of 2008.

Using StratiFi, our portfolio risk evaluation software, we will also address this contingency with solutions that can be put in place now ahead of the next crisis. 

These proactive strategies will lead to better confidence, and potential investment opportunities in the future.

Emergency Liquidity

Banks love to lend money to people that don’t need it.  Therefore, it may be advantageous to establish emergency liquidity solutions before they’re needed.  A Securities-Backed Line of Credit should be discussed.  Whether it's to defer costs like taxes from realized gains, bridge a loan for purchasing your next home or "Just in case”, we can refer you to a qualified professional.

Liability Insurance

You’ve worked hard to build your nest egg. How well protected are you in the unlikely event of a lawsuit?

Your review will include an analysis of your liability risks along with how to address them.  Often, we’ll recommend an additional umbrella insurance policy.