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Planning Your Legacy

Client Centered

Who are the people and organizations you want to create a positive impact for both during and after your lifetime?  A thoughtful estate plan can help maximize your impact now and beyond your lifetime.

Your advisor at Puzzle will work with your CPA and Estate Attorney to ensure your legacy is the one you envision.  Should you need a new team of professionals, we can help lead an interview search for them. 

Wills and Living Trusts

Utilizing an estate attorney, a properly executed will and trust can help ensure that the right people will benefit from your legacy, at the right time. 

Probate court can be burdensome for your loved ones.  With careful planning with your attorney, this may be minimized with simple, but often overlooked strategies such as naming beneficiaries in both retirement and non-retirement accounts. 

In addition, have you reviewed how all of your assets are titled, including your real estate?  This is critical if you own property in multiple states.

Estate Management 101

Powers of Attorney

Both legal and healthcare powers assigned to the right people will help ensure they can help you during an emergency, when you’re unable to help yourself.

Estate Tax Mitigation

Strategies exist to help get your entire estate to your loved ones, and out of the hands of Uncle Sam.  We’ll use ILITs, CRT’s, GST’s, and more.

Special Needs Planning

Who will help your loved ones after you’re gone?  A thoughtfully planned special needs trust will help when properly drafted by your attorney and funded properly.

Exit Strategies of the Rich and Famous

Exit Strategies of the Rich and Famous

Estate conservation is too important to put off. Do you have a smart exit strategy?