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Your Second Opinion

When was the last time you re-examined your relationship with your current advisor?

If you don't know how your current advisor would answer these questions or if you're not 110% confident in your advisor, we should talk:

  • What is their industry background?
  • What advanced industry designations do they have (if any) and how does that apply to you?
    • Click here to see why it's important to work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®
  • Are they a fiduciary?
  • What are their fees?  How else are they compensated?  Do they charge for Financial Planning?  How are these fees communicated to you and how often?
  • How long does the advisor see themselves working and able to advise you?  What is their succession plan if they’re thinking of retiring in the next decade, or if something unforeseen happens where they can no longer work?  Over the coming year or two, could you be reassigned to someone else at their firm?
  • How do they manage your investments? Do they create custom portfolios, or do they hire 3rd party portfolio managers?
  • Do they coordinate with your other professionals such as your CPA/Attorney?  If you don’t have one, will they help you interview and find the right CPA/Attorney?
  • Are alternative investments a part of your asset allocation?  If so, what types of investments?  If not, why do they not utilize them?
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