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Liability Management

Not all debt is created equal.

The Puzzle Approach to Borrowing

In some circumstances, debt can be used strategically to enhance your long-term financial goals. Our advisors will assess the benefits of borrowing strategies such as Mortgages, Securities-Backed Lines of Credit, Home Equity Lines and more.

When it comes to finding the best solutions, advisors at traditional banks are often required to present loan solutions from their employer's bank only.  We know this to be true, as we were formerly captive to that world.  Because your advisors at Puzzle are independent, we have an advantage where we'll access banks throughout the country to compete for your business.  We can truly act in your best interest.

We will help you source a lending solution for your need, while you tackle other aspects of your life.  We will then schedule a time to present it to you, saving you the stress and hassle of chasing down lenders.  

Mortgages Beyond Traditional

As fiduciaries, we will help you find the mortgage solution that works best for you.  Whether you're buying a new home, second home, refinancing, or recasting your mortgage, we can refer you to the mortgage company that is right for you.

Choosing a Mortgage

Securities-Backed Lines of Credit - SBL

Did you know you can borrow against your portfolio? 

Bridge loans, tax deferral, or emergency liquidity are all potential uses of an SBL.  We can refer you to a qualified professional.

Home Equity Line of Credit -  HELOC

Your home may be your largest investment. Sometimes, utilizing that asset as the collateral of a loan can help you pursue your goals. 

We can refer you to a qualified professional to discuss this option.