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Private Trust Company

About the Private Trust Company

PTC doesn't try to be all things to all people.  They have one area of expertise - helping families implement their estate plans and carry out your financial wishes.  They do this in a unique way - by engaging our team of advisors with whom you already have relationships.

PTC serves in an administrative corporate trustee role and makes sure that trusts are managed and distributions occur according to the terms of the trust document.  PTC also serves in an administrative corporate trustee role for all record keeping, accounting, and tax preparation services for trusts.

PTC does not provide day-to-day investment management for trust assets.  Instead, PTC enables clients to maintain their relationship with their financial advisors at Puzzle Wealth for investment management.

With that said, what is the relationship between Puzzle and PTC?  Puzzle would manage the assets on behalf of the trust.  PTC would facilitate the trustee services of the trust.  We would work hand-in-hand to make sure liquidity was available, as needed.  Both Puzzle and PTC would charge separate quarterly fees for their services.