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Whether retirement is just on the horizon or you’re already retired, our Puzzle Checklist will help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.  You've worked hard to get to this point in life, let's make sure you never have to go back to the office again.

Puzzle's Checklist for Retirees


Financial Planning

Q: Can you retire on your terms? Did you know that your expenses can INCREASE in retirement? 

A: Most advisors take the wrong approach by simply asking how much you want to spend a month. Instead, the Puzzle Process digs into the weeds to uncover every financial goal that is important to you. 

We will report back to you annually on your Probability of Retirement Success using Monte Carlo modeling and stress testing.  That is the CONFIDENCE you need to live with less stress in retirement.

Cash Flow Management

Q: When I’m retired and no longer receiving an income, how do I access my money? 

A: Our operations team is simply the best.  Getting access to your money will be both easy and secure. 

Once we help figure out your budget, we will transfer money from your money market accounts to your bank monthly to cover your bills.  With this approach, you will understand whether your budget is on track for success. That’s a POWERFUL little trick.

Wealth Management

Q: What creates more FOMO – running out of money or missing out on maximum market appreciation? 

A: You’ve made yourself wealthy.  Let us help you keep it that way. 

With a proper assessment by a Puzzle advisor, we will help you understand your investment risk tolerance and customize tailored portfolios.

Puzzle strategies include individual equities, low-cost ETFs, fixed income, and alternative investments.

Gifting Strategies

Q: Do you still use your credit card to give to your favorite charities?  WE have better strategies. 

A: Use appreciated assets, QCDs, or Donor-Advised-Funds to greatly improve your tax efficiency.

You can use the extra tax savings for yourself or donate more.  We will find the best way to execute your philanthropic efforts.

Also, consider gifting to family members during your lifetime to achieve multiple benefits.  You remove money from your estate and you get to see them benefit from it. 

Estate Planning Strategies and Taxes

Q: Are you frustrated by playing messenger between your CPA, your Estate attorney, and your Advisor? 

A: The name of the game here is COLLABORATION. Your current professionals are likely operating in silos creating more stress for you AND reducing efficiencies. 

That won’t happen with Puzzle.  We will work with your current partners OR lead an interview search to help you find a new team that we will lead and coordinate on your behalf. You have better things to do in life!

Stock Option and Executive Compensation Analysis

Q: Is the concentration in your company’s stock creating diversification risk?  When should you sell and why? 

A: We use StockOpter software to help you understand your executive compensation plan, optimize tax efficiency, and provide guidance on when to execute stock options.

What is YOUR Probability of Financial Success?

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You likely have more Goals than you think.  We have done 1000s of plans over the last 30 years, so we know the right questions to ask to paint a picture of your retirement.  

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At the end of the day, we will let you know if your vision of retirement has a high probability of financial success.  If it doesn't, we will be upfront with you, BUT we will also help strategize how to shuffle some of the budget around to get to a more realistic outcome. 

You don't want to go back to work at age 80, so we will do our best to catch red flags early in the game.  

© MoneyGuide, Inc. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.