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Business Owners 

We help our entrepreneur clients put the pieces together from pre-liquidity planning all the way through execution and closing. We keep everything in mind from your family dynamics to tax impact. After the transaction, you can relax knowing that Puzzle will lead the way when it comes to your cash-flow distributions, wealth management, and financial planning.

Puzzle's Checklist for Business Owners


Financial Planning

Q: Will your business sale allow you to retire on your terms? 

A: First off, we will help uncover the NET proceeds from your sale after taxes and banking fees. We get
the lingo…we are Business Owners too!

We will report your Probability of Retirement Success using Monte Carlo modeling and stress testing.  That is the CONFIDENCE you need to decide when the timing is right to exit your business.

The projections or other information generated by Monte Carlo Analysis tools regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results, and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time.

Cash Flow Management

Q: Once I sell my business, how do I access my money? 

A: Our operations team is simply the best.  Getting access to your money will be both easy and secure. 

Once we help figure out your budget, we will transfer money from our high-paying money markets to your bank monthly to cover your bills.  With this approach, you will understand whether your budget is on track for success. That’s a POWERFUL little trick.

Certified Exit Planning Advisory

Q: When it comes to a business sale or transfer, where do you even start?

A: Puzzle will help you build a multi-year approach to improve tax efficiencies, analyze whether a sale will achieve your financial goals, and mentally prepare you for the next chapter of your life.

Lending Strategies

Q: With fluctuating income, what happens when you need access to quick cash? 

A: As a business owner, long gone are the days of collecting a paycheck every two weeks.  From time to time, it is helpful to get access to quick liquidity without disrupting your investment portfolio. 

We work with several banks to offer loans using your portfolio as collateral.  It's easier than a HELOC

Estate Planning Strategies and Taxes

Q: Are you frustrated by playing messenger between your CPA, your Estate attorney, your investment banker, and your Advisor? 

A: The name of the game here is COLLABORATION. Your current Experts are likely operating in silos thus creating more stress for you AND reducing efficiencies. 

That won’t happen with Puzzle.  We will work with your current partners OR lead an interview search to help you find a new team that we will lead and coordinate on your behalf. You have better things to do in life!

Wealth Management

Q: What creates more FOMO – running out of money or missing out on maximum market appreciation?

A: You’ve made yourself wealthy.  Let us help you keep it that way. 

With a proper assessment by a Puzzle advisor, we will help you understand your investment risk tolerance and customize tailored portfolios. 

Puzzle solutions include individual equities, ETFs, fixed income, and alternative investments.

The Value Acceleration Methodology<span>&#8482;</span>

The Value Acceleration Methodology

Developed by the Exit Planning Institute, the Methodology is your strategic framework for executing exit planning.  By focusing the approach on building a business with characteristics that drive value and integrating the owner's personal and financial objectives into it now, there will be many options to exit on the owner's timeline and terms. 

Revolutionizing Financial Planning for Business Owners

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