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Business Owner Solutions

Client Centered

As business owners ourselves, the Financial Advisors at Puzzle know the challenges and hurdles of launching, growing, protecting, and transitioning a business. 

When it is time to build your team of advisors to navigate your business through its lifecycle, do you want to rely on a bank employee? Or, would you rather have the help of an independent team of business owners who have improved service offerings, lower costs, and don't report to layers of management? 

The Value Acceleration Methodology

The Value Acceleration Methodology<span>&#8482;</span>

Developed by the Exit Planning Institute, the Methodology is your strategic framework for executing exit planning.  By focusing the approach on building a business with characteristics that drive value and integrating the owner's personal and financial objectives into it now, there will be many options to exit on the owner's timeline and terms.  

Puzzle's Solutions for Business Owners

Liquidity For Your Business

When was the last time you received identical paychecks? With estimated taxes and volatile business cycles, there are times when you might need to access quick liquidity without interrupting the integrity of your investments. 

Borrowing against your investments can be that liquidity lifeline.  We utilize Securities-Backed Lines of Credit for our business owners.

Transitioning Away From Your Business

When you prepare far in advance of a sale, you have a greater variety of strategies to utilize. 

E.g. If you transfer a portion of your shares to family members when the valuation is low, any exponential growth can be outside of your estate if you plan correctly. 

We will make the proper introductions to attorneys and tax advisors, and we will be at the table with you to make sure things are executed properly. 

Building Your Team of Experts

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with experts to solve various needs for business owners.  Below are some of their areas of expertise:

  • Full-service Tax & Audit Advise
  • Business Law and Employment Attorneys
  • Business Valuation
  • Business Consultants
  • M&A Experts
  • Investment Bankers

Retaining and Protecting Talent

Key Person Insurance – Will your business suffer if something tragic happens to one of your key employees?  With our insurance partners, we will present you with solutions to address this risk.

Retirement Benefit Plans - This is a time-intensive, detailed process.  At Puzzle, we can create and manage your company's 401k, taking this off your plate in a cost-effective manner.  We will work with a reputable partner who will act as the custodian of your 401k, giving you time back to grow your business.