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Client Centered

We love working with clients who are passionate about giving back to their community or gifting to their family.  In addition to the gratification of helping others, the tax benefits can help you retain more of your wealth.  

Often, the alternative to gifting is paying taxes to the state or federal governments.  In all our years advising, we have yet to find one client who enjoys paying avoidable taxes! 


IRA, Concentrated Positions and Appreciated Asset Donation

 If you have concentrated stock positions, large required minimum distributions, or highly appreciated assets, we’ll help donate them directly to your charity. 

 You can receive a tax deduction for the full value of the assets, without realizing the gains which could be taxed.   

Please don’t write checks or use a credit card for any sizable donations.  There are better ways!

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

We have partnered with iGift to provide a low-cost solution with seamless integration into your platform. 

Many clients donate highly appreciated stock, receiving a step-up in basis, diversifying their holdings, and creating a richer pool of wealth for their charitable organizations. 

For those that typically use the standard tax deduction, a DAF can be used in a year where you itemize deductions to make sure you are getting a tax break for your generosity. 

Charitable Giving: Smart From the Heart

Education Planning

 529s are a great vehicle to save for the educational goals of your loved ones.  We will point you in the right direction, provide guidance, and then have you do the final execution to save money on fees. 

Additionally, new laws have recently passed that will allow a portion of a legacy, overfunded 529 to convert to a ROTH IRA for your beneficiaries in certain circumstances.

Saving For College 101

Family Foundations

If you want to maintain maximum control of your giving, a family foundation may be for you. 

There are pluses and minus vs. other gifting avenues, but it may be right in certain circumstances.  Partnering with your estate planning attorney will be the best approach for this solution.